SEO For Business Growth

If your website isn't ranking and showing up high on Google or other search engines like Bing you don't exist at least online.

Our expert search engine optimisation services are designed to help you get a great ranking locally and even globally if that's part of your business goals & overall goals for your SEO for business growth. 

We won't make outlandish promises of getting you first ranking on Google in a few weeks as a lot of agencies and  SEO and marketing consultants do. 

Rather we will make you a promise based on our integrity and expertise that you should expect a ranking in a 3-6 month period. Sometimes sooner if the industry you are in has low competition. 

We will always be honest and transparent with you from the day you contact us. 

Remember SEO is always evolving and there's no magic bullet and rankings change all the time!


🔊Did you know?

SEO, at least free, and organic SEO is a long-term game. No short-cuts! Expect to see results in three to six months' time when done well. People trust organic SEO more than paid ads. Elon Musk has said he grew Telsa with no ads whatsoever and he isn't exactly struggling with a budget!

Not Getting Enough Website Traffic?

What's the best place to hide a dead body? Page two of Google it's been said.

It's an old SEO joke to say that if you're not on Page One you don't exist.

The reality is that 96% of online sales and inquiries come through first-page organic Google search results. 

So there's enormous potential for your business to be seen but you need to go about it the right way. 

You don't want to be showing up on pages two, three, and more of Google. You might as well not be online at all. 

SEO for business growth works but you must have a quality SEO strategy for it to work. 

Honest & Reliable SEO For Your Business

WORD EMPIRE® offers you the following search engine optimisation services to help grow and expand your brand in the most timely and realistic manner possible:

✅ Seo strategy (6-12 months ahead)

✅ Comprehensive keyword research and implementation

✅ Consumer trend research

✅ Competitor analysis

✅  In-depth user experience and user intent insights

✅ Target audience research

✅ Brand growth monitoring

Some SEO Facts You Should Know

Some SEO Facts You Should Know

When it comes to SEO there are two types-  organic and paid.

We honestly believe that you should always start with organic SEO which is FREE but still gets you excellent results if done right. 

So you shouldn't dismiss it and choose paid SEO. Paid SEO can have its benefits but it's costly and many times doesn't even work. 

We always recommend you start with organic and then if needed use some paid SEO.

Research shows that most people trust free SEO as it comes across as more genuine than a paid ad.

When was the last time you clicked on a paid ad in the Google search results? 

We honestly can't remember here at WORD EMPIRE. 

Great & Reliable SEO Services For Your Brand

Great & Reliable SEO Services For Your Brand

Stay away from SEO agencies and so-called SEO experts who claim to get you to number one in a few weeks as they have a secret formula. They don't.

They are just after your money!

You won't see results in a few weeks unless you have huge domain authority like news websites, and brands like Amazon and eBay or are in a niche that isn't very competitive. 

WORD EMPIRE®  prides itself on integrity and honesty to deliver you real SEO results in a timely manner.

Before you spend big on paid SEO start with organic SEO, and let WORD EMPIRE® give you an honest, practical, and workable SEO strategy.

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