Sandra Di Francesco At The Australian Open 2024

WORD EMPIRE® was established by Sandra Gabriella  Di Francesco with the purpose of helping brands build a business empire online with results-based copywriting, SEO, marketing & good business strategy. 

She saw the power in words and what they could do to transform a business but also the need to understand business and overall sales to be able to build an online empire. 

She has seven years of sales experience and seven years of copywriting experience and is trained in business. 

So many copywriters understand the word side of things but have no business acumen so the words are perfectly written but do nothing to grow and expand a business. 

WORD EMPIRE® is on a mission to change that with all our writers understanding business and entrepreneurship along with words!

Sandra is fluent in both English and Italian and loves different cultures and so enjoys meeting people from different cultures.

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, watching movies and playing chess. 

Although based in Preston, Melbourne, Australia we work with brands from all over the world and in all industries - aviation, finance, health, building, and much more and specialise in performance driven content - gets you results!

We are a 100% online business but are happy to meet clients in person if based in Melbourne. 

We work well with global timing as we work across Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas to help grow and expand businesses.

It's not enough to just give you well-written copy and copy, you need results like:

We give you real tangible results that grow your business and brand like:

✔️Increase in website traffic 

✔️More customer inquiries

✔️More brand awareness

✔️More money $$$

✔️More job interviews (we do resumes & cover letters)

Your success is our success! 

If you don't get results working with us it means we've failed.

We keep a spreadsheet of all results generated & keep in touch to make sure you're on track.

Our Core Values

We take our work seriously at WORD EMPIRE® and are guided by five core values:



a strong code of conduct guides our work as to be good humans and people of character requires it. 



we love what we do and this makes our work easier and better. Passion is what chemistry is between two people. 



high standards guide our work as standards equal results & what you get in life so a commitment to excellence is a must.



never give up on getting results for you. Unwavering faith and commitment to get you great results guides our every decision.



you can't build an online empire without it or a great business that grows and thrives for generations. 

Wanna Work With Us?

Wanna Work With Us?

If you want the following then we are a good fit to work with, if not find someone else :

✅An epic & world-class online digital presence that sets you apart 

✅Copywriting & content that gives you actual results not just nice written words that do nothing to grow and expand your business. 

✅Someone who understands business and consumer psychology, not just writing to help grow your brand.

✅Someone that works closely with you, to give you a customised approach. 

✅Someone who is inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures, and experiences and works with global times. 


I am so lucky to work with Sandra from WORD EMPIRE® on several projects, she's passionate about her work, creative, and very professional. She added great value to my business and helped me with lots of tips and advice. She's part of an elite group of people who work from the heart and go the extra mile.

AlBaghli International Group

- Abdullah Al-Baghli, AlBaghli International Group

Who We've Worked with

We’ve worked with small, medium & big brands from Australia, Canada, the USA, Kuwait, and more to help build their online empire.

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