Copywriting For Business

WORD EMPIRE® takes a forensic approach to all copywriting to ensure not only quality but also quantity in results -  extra brand awareness, more customers, etc. We understand business and words which is a powerful combination. 

We don't just do nice written copy that does nothing to grow your business. We are not a publishing company!

Too many businesses hire a copywriter that creates well-written copy but that’s where it stops. 

True copywriting is words that make money for your business and also allow you to have an online empire. 

We work with small, medium, and big brands, from all over the world to help build their online empire and do copywriting for business growth so it's copywriting with a clear outcome. 

🔊Did you know?

Nike hired copywriters Dan Wieden & David Kennedy in 1987 who created the famous slogan “Just Do It.” It increased profits by millions of dollars. That's copywriting for business growth.  An amazing outcome for just three words! 

Our Copywriting Services

WORD EMPIRE®’s copywriting services are versatile and cover a wide range:

✅ Website copy - both for new and existing websites

✅ Website audits

✅ Sales pages, landing pages

✅ Advertising copy

✅ Email marketing

✅ Product descriptions, product guidelines 

✅ Scripts for radio and television

✅ Greeting cards

✅ Brochures, flyers, pamphlets

✅ Slogans, jingles, and taglines

✅ High-converting CTAs (call to action)

✅ Audience Insights & Research

✅ Resume writing and cover letters 

What about AI and Copywriting?

What about AI and Copywriting?

You may be wondering will AI replace copywriters? Is AI copywriting worth it? 

For all its uses and purposes AI can never tell your story with the emotion, impact, and depth of a human. 

That’s why there will always be a need for human copywriters, at least the best ones. 

AI is great as a research assistant to give you ideas and is also good for boring and dry content like user manuals.

Sorry, to offend any humans who enjoy writing user manuals!

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