Why You Should Use Marketing Automation for Your Business

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Automation is an important aspect of our lives and in business even more so. In 2024 and beyond its only going to get bigger. As a business (both B2B & B2C) you want to be prepared. It doesn’t need to be complex. This blog shows you how to properly use marketing automation for your business saving you time and money.

What Exactly is Marketing Automation for a Business?

Simply put marketing automation refers to technologies and software platforms designed to make business more efficient and streamlined. Marketing automation enables you to effectively and efficiently market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. Essentially its an alignment of technology with marketing. When used correctly it makes for one powerful alliance that can aid your business growth and supercharge your marketing efforts.

The truth is if you’re a well-established business and are not using automation in some way you are a very rare breed especially now.  According to HubSpot, about 87% of businesses globally use a marketing automation platform. That percentage continues to grow as automation in marketing, is vital for success and overall business growth.

Key takeaway = It’s impossible to email each individual prospect on your own.  Automation makes email marketing possible. Marketing automation allows you to implement a digital marketing strategy without having to manually press “send” on each email, message, campaign, or post you create.

Four Types of Automation You Can Use for Your Business Today

If you’re currently not using automation for your business or not utilizing to its full potential, you are missing out big time!  Remember automation can help you save time and money and make your processes and overall systems more efficient. This will help drive your revenue and ROI for your business. If automation seems daunting or just another thing to do on your endless ‘to-do list’ to grow your business enlist some expert help to guide, you. Keep in mind the following four types of automation categories for your business today:

What are The Benefits of Automation for Business?

Automation in business at its core is all about simplifying and streamlining processes and systems in an increasingly complex world.  When done correctly it enables your business to save time, money and create better content that’s more targeted and focused to your audience. In all its a great strategy to help you increase revenue and ROI while making your life easier. In addition, automation can open you up to more opportunities to grow your business with the following strategies listed below and help you strengthen partnerships.

Automation and Time Management for Your Business

It’s fair to say that all of us want more time but the truth is we each get 24 hours seven days a week.  Business owners it seems are forever running out of time. The reality is that some businesses get more done in one week than others do in a year. Aside from a winning mindset, great marketing, branding, etc automation plays a part in this.  With automation so much of your business runs on its own. Its like passive income. You only need to do maintenance and updates to ensure everything is optimized.

Generate & Nurture Qualified Leads with Automation

You won’t have the time to personally nurture every single lead your business receives, but you’ll  certainly have more time to spare for this process if you choose to qualify your leads automatically through lead scoring. Through an automated process of assessing prospects and assigning them a score based on certain qualifying attributes you can focus more of your efforts on nurturing leads. After all, why waste time on prospects that will get you no ROI? So many businesses still waste huge amounts of time and money on leads that never become customers.

Strengthen Sales & Marketing Partnerships Through Automation

Sales and marketing shouldn’t operate as a silo. By aligning them and getting them on the same page your success with your overall marketing campaigns and business growth will skyrocket. A great way to do this is to strengthen the sales and marketing partnership with automation. For instance, through email marketing automation both teams can get on board and convert qualified leads to customers. Both can categorize and work with sales-qualified leads (SQL) and marketing-qualified leads (MQL).

Personalize your Buyer’s Journey with Automation

To keep up with buyers and truly understand them (pain points and all) both your sales and marketing needs to be adapted to changing consumer practices. You simply can’t afford to do what worked in the past including the recent past. Things change at lightening speeds in this digital era. Marketing automation can help with this. Through automation, you can create customized buyer personas and buyer journeys through segmentation, lead scoring etc.  This enables you to collect better information which you can use for smarter targeting. You’ll also be able to provide the right content at the right time to the right buyer. Extremely invaluable!

Spend Money More Effectively for Your Business with Automation

There will be increased efficiency that comes with using marketing automation for your business and this will help free up your Labor costs. You can then put this extra money elsewhere in your business. Do test out a few marketing automations options (all come with free trials) before you commit to see which one offers you the best value for your money and overall growth and expansion objectives.

Scale Your Business Easier Through Marketing Automation

As a business, the last thing you want is not to be growing especially when your competition is killing it. The reality is that to grow your business in this digital age you need automated processes to build a scalable business. Gone are the golden days when everything was manual. These days that’s akin to driving a horse and buggy whilst everyone is driving a car or using a typewriter to create content whilst everyone is using a computer. I would rather be in the latter. How about you?

When to use Automation for Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Timing is an important consideration to take into account for just about every aspect of your business. When it comes to automation you want to be implementing it ASAP. Automation is critical to your success as a business in both the early stages of your business and even when you’ve grown. If you are currently a business who has scaled exponentially even more so to have automation to help you focus better and simplify. If you’ve hit a plateau and perhaps are a bit stuck use automation to help you get unstuck.

As a modern business you have have to deal with many moving parts:  content marketing, social media engagement, email campaign management, SEO upkeep etc, etc. These are the bare minimums to stay competitive and relevant. There are no shortcuts! The closest thing to a shortcut is marketing automation. It will help save you time and enable you to focus better on the moving parts of your business.

Key takeaway = Automating your campaigns is crucial for their success. From the time a lead gets onto your landing page, to the moment when they first read a welcome email in your nurturing sequence, you need to have everything automated.

How to choose the Right Tools for Your Automation Strategy

There’s a host of tools available to you and your team for your marketing automation. Best to try out a few to see what works. Most come with free trial periods, so you don’t lose money if you no longer choose to commit. The first thing to do when choosing your tools is getting clear on your marketing objectives and strategy and then knowing the platforms your audience hangs out on. Here some tools to help you get started:

Get Automated for Your Business

Having automation in place for your business will ensure better efficiency and overall growth. A crucial part of automation is your content, so you need to ensure its on track. Book a Time with WORD EMPIRE®, the content experts for businesses wanting to grow and expand. We offer a FREE content assessment for businesses.