13 Content Marketing Trends We're Going to See in 2024

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Content marketing is vital for your overall brand growth and expansion. Every year trends in content marketing change to keep up with the times. By knowing the trends you’re in the know and at an advantage. We’ve put together the top 13 content marketing trends for 2024 that will help grow and expand your business and increase your conversions.

Overview of Content Marketing in 2024: An Even Better Content Experience!

In 2024 content is going to get even bigger with more and more brands investing huge in their content marketing. Apart from just producing valuable, engaging, and consistent content which is the bare minimum brands now need to take their context to the next level.

2024 calls for content to be epic and world-class as along with AI-generated content the content space is highly saturated so to even stand a chance of standing out you need to be offering content with a real edge to it or you will lose out to your competition.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organization you need to step up your game and come up with better and innovative ways of content production so consider the following.

Content Marketing Trend 1: Conscious Content

In an age of conscious consumerism producing content that’s transparent, empathetic and mixed with a good cause like sustainability and the environment will do wonders for your brand. Consumers more than ever want brands that stand for something, are driven by good business values and principles. How does your brand stack up? Now is a good time to sit down, do a brainstorm with your team or just yourself if you’re a one-person business and see how you can be more “conscious” and then incorporate more conscious content.

Content Marketing Trend 2: Storytelling in Content

Storytelling will just continue to grow in popularity as stories help bring your brand to life and help you be more relatable and memorable. Everyone loves a good story! In 2024 ensure you incorporate elements of storytelling across all your content. If you are stuck for inspiration start with just your brand name and story. What is the meaning behind your business name? How did you come to start your business? Share both your wins and loses and build up from here.  To unleash your creativity, consider coming up with a storyboard.

Content Marketing Trend 3:  Interactive Content

Interactive content like polls, quizzes, infographics, animations, slideshows etc will continue be popular in 2024 and beyond as they provide a great user experience which audiences love and need and so every piece of content you put out no matter how small should have the user experience in mind. Remember the user experience isn’t something reserved just for websites. Although it’s a key core component of great website design and development it is also a fundamental component of content in the digital age.

Content Marketing Trend 4: Audio Content

Audio content like podcasts and even radio interviews and radio shows will continue to grow as they are a great way of sharing information related to a brand in a way that’s easily digestible and are extremely popular with people who love to get information and learn through audio channels. This principle applies to audio books whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. More and more brands in 2024 are going to invest in having a podcast. The space is heavily saturated but that should put you off as there’s always room for a quality podcast that makes listener’s lives better in some way.

Content Marketing Trend 5: Video Content

Like podcasts video has been the rising star in these past few years and will continue to be popular as it provides a more intimate experience with your audience. The visual element is powerful even if its just a few minutes long. Audiences love that visual connection that comes with video.  Its good to create both long-form and short-form videos. Despite the recent spike in short-form videos there still is a need for long-form video. Diversification is key here as you need to appeal to different consumption tastes but also understand content psychology. That is some content works better in short-form and some in long form.

Content Marketing Trend 6: Web Accessibility

Digital accessibility is something that more brands must prioritize in 2024 as accessibility ensures inclusivity. Fifteen percent of the world’s population have some type of disability. This percentage use the internet and consume content. So, it’s crucial that both website design and content adhere to proper web accessibility guidelines.

Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that websites and overall digital content produced is optimised for accessibility. It’s not enough to just have SEO optimization, you must also have disability optimization. A growing number of companies have in fact been sued for not having accessible websites.

Content Marketing Trend 7: Local SEO and International SEO

SEO is not a new strategy, having been around for some time now but with a new year there is always new trends emerging in SEO. The most notable ones for 2024 to date are local SEO and multilingual SEO. The former was already gaining traction in the past few years as local businesses gained momentum with the pandemic. Consumers were encouraged to buy local. Google My Business reported a massive spike in usage.

Consumers are still wanting to shop local. However, with more companies operating globally it’s become important to include international SEO too.  Through international SEO, you’ll have a bigger reach, and you can showcase your content in multiple languages.

Content Marketing Trend 8: Voice Search

The popularity of Amazon’s Alexa is a clear indicator of the growing popularity of voice search in 2024 and beyond. Millions of people globally now use voice search as part of their internet usage. Voice search is more conversational and natural in nature (the who, what, why, when and best type of queries). So now businesses need to take voice search into consideration and incorporate more conversational and natural keywords and phrases in content for it to rank accordingly.

Content Marketing Trend 9: Personalised Content

Many consumers lament about the good old days when businesses gave them that ‘’personal touch’’ and made them feel special. Perhaps you can remember? Fast forward to 2024 and that personal touch doesn’t have to be lost. Consumers still want it. Content marketing can make it happen through personalization.

This is where content is customized for consumers and their needs, desires, dislikes etc are being addressed. You are speaking directly to them by using their name wherever possible through touchpoints like your email marketing, SMS messaging, phone conversations and even direct mail.

Content Marketing Trend 10: Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality has great potential to improve your content marketing and engage customers like never before through highly visual storytelling and experimental marketing. Many brands have already invested in virtual reality to engage consumers in ways that standard marketing could never achieve.

One example is Swedish furniture brand IKEA and its innovative use of VR. They offer shoppers a virtual way to explore a living room and test out furniture and furnishings. This is a massive step up from just simply browsing through living room sets in stores.

Content Marketing Trend 11:  Augmented reality (AR)

Unlike virtual reality which requires a headset, augmented reality doesn’t require one. All you need is a smartphone and a forward-facing camera. With it you can do wonders in bringing your content to life in an 3D manner. It’s taking interaction to the next level.  You can connect with your audience even more personally and AR encourages excellent audience participation at all stages- before, during and after the experience.  Just check out Meta/ Facebook’s Spark AR Studio taking the technology to a whole new level.

Content Marketing Trend 12: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technology like ChatGPT is having huge implications for the world of content and overall marketing. Already companies and individuals worldwide are investing in AI technology to aid their content creation and marketing. There are AI-powered chatbots, AI data analysis tools and so much more. Its automation at a whole new level and isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Learn to leverage it but don’t be overly dependent on it as Google and other search engines are penalising a lot of AI content. Remember the human touch and human perspective will always be needed and so can never be replaced with AI.

Content Marketing Trend 13: Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing industry is a billon dollar industry and growing by the day. Some experts predict it will be a $23.1 billion dollar industry at the end of 2024. The fact is that Influencers, at least the right ones for your brand can do wonders for it. Your brand will get a bigger reach in front of new audiences and your social proof (credibility and trust) will also increase dramatically. Aside from big influencers, don’t ignore micro-influencers especially if you’re working on a tight budget. They wont cost as much and can still be effective with getting your brand out in front of audiences. You can start with LinkedIn to find influencers in your space.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Ready for 2024?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these content marketing trends for 2024. If you apply them, you’ll be unstoppable in your content marketing. But remember you first need a solid content marketing strategy to get started.  Is yours ready for 2024? Its not too late. Book a Time with WORD EMPIRE®, the content experts who will create one for your brand.