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B2B content doesn’t have to be dry and boring. It should be engaging to readers. After all your readers are often your clients, so you want to engage them. Learn how to generate fresh B2B content ideas outside ChatGPT that will enhance your overall B2B marketing strategy for your business.

Why you Need Fresh and Engaging B2B Content

In this digital age fresh and engaging content for your B2B is an absolute MUST to stay relevant. Change is happening at super lightening speeds for businesses and content continues to also grow at such speeds. If you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind and your competition will capture your audience with their fresh and engaging B2B content.  

Thankfully you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with doing content as the path has been laid down before you. Remember that such content needn’t be boring. There’s a bit of a myth that B2B content is dry and boring. You’d think B2B stands for Boring to Boring or Bland to Bland, but this couldn’t be further from the truth at least if you know how to play your content cards right.

What Type of Content Appeals in B2B Marketing?

When it comes to the type of content that’s appealing in B2B marketing it’s really no different to other types of content like you would find in B2C. The difference is in the tone of voice and the target audience. B2B content is more formal than B2C given it is directed at businesses instead of consumers.

But at the end of the day, it must still be engaging to get its message across. After all you are still communicating with humans so B2B is human-to human. Humans no matter their social status, education, income, etc want engaging content that solves a problem or at least provides some type of solution or different perspective/angle to a problem.

Now in the digital age content is no longer just text-based like a blog which is great for your ROI when done well.  Content now takes many forms from infographics, video, podcasts, eBooks, landing pages, whitepapers and so much more.

It’s always important to appeal to different consumption tastes and so produce a variety of these content types for your B2B. In addition, consider the following content genres (can be text, video & audio) for your B2B:

  • Educational
  • Behind the scenes at your company
  • Trends in your industry
  • Instructional (how-to guides)
  • Listicles (top 5, top 10 etc)
  • Opinion piece
  • Case studies
  • Guides

Icon of a lightbulbInsider Tip: Upgrade your content at least every quarter. Sit down and brainstorm with your team and come up with fresh B2B content ideas. The quarter mark is generally a great time to innovate for your business in general. Now with the end of financial year coming up in Australia,  is also a good time.

5 Tips for Creating Fresh B2B Content

Follow our WORD EMPIRE®'s five tips for creating fresh b2b content that will drive engagement rates and increase your ROI. Apply these tips consistently for them to work as it’s their consistent application that gets you results. It’s never a one-time thing!

1. Create a Swipe File for Content Ideas

A swipe file is a curated collection of marketing and content ideas — email subject lines, social media posts, landing pages, sales pages, banner ads, blogs, and more. Originating in copywriting  a swipe file is a handy and useful tool for all industries to have. There are many types of swipe files available for different industries. With a swipe file, you can store your favourite content & marketing ideas and even ideas you dislike as what you don’t like provides contrast. You can easily set up a swipe file in a simple spreadsheet or use these resources of swipe files to help you.

2. Monitor Online Groups and Platforms for B2B Content Ideas

There is a wealth of resources and information available on online groups like LinkedIn groups, forums like Quora and Reddit, and even  Google Trends to help you generate fresh B2B content ideas. LinkedIn in particular is a goldmine for B2B content ideas given it’s currently the number one B2B platform for lead generation.

If you have a Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium subscription, you can check out the various courses which can also be good for content ideas. It also pays to get ideas for content from any in-person groups like networking and industry groups you may belong to.

3. Utilise Team Members for B2B Content Ideas

Team members including any interns and even admin staff can be full of golden nuggets of information when it comes to generating fresh B2B content ideas.  Remember they are humans buying products and services all the time. So, pick your team member’s brains! Hold a brainstorming session.

You’ll be surprised at the ideas they come up with and you’ll think ‘’Why haven’t I done this earlier’’? if you haven’t. Don’t forget to thank your team members for sharing their input. Perhaps even consider having an award of some sort to reward the best idea that gets traction for business. Don’t solely rely on AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot. You still need human input.

4. Look at Competitors for B2B Content Ideas

Your competition is a valuable resource to help you with generating fresh B2B content ideas. The best way to do this is through conducting some good old espionage now called market research. Look at what content they are putting out on their website, social channels, etc.

Subscribe to their newsletter (use another name) and utilise the competitor analysis feature built-in SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs that give you invaluable competitor insights like best-performing content. Take your spying to a whole new level with a tool like Similarweb that gives you high-level insights into your competition.

5. Repurpose Existing Content 

Repurposing content is essentially recycling your content and just like recycling it puts the old to good use. Did you know for instance that you can repurpose one article into 21 formats? Don’t believe us, just check out this Medium blog post 21 Ways to Repurpose Your Articles that can be applied to B2B content.  Of course, you don’t need to do all 21 ways. Often what’s needed is a blog post turned into a podcast and a video. You instantly have three forms of content from one original source. How great is that?

Icon of a lightbulbExtra Tip: To help you even more with coming up with B2B content ideas check our table of tools in our blog post How to Come Up With Blog Topics.

Hopefully, by now you have a grasp on how to generate B2B content ideas for your business. Turn these ideas into action and you’ll get traction for your B2B. For further help Contact WORD EMPIRE, the experts in both (B2B & B2C) who turn brands into online business empires.